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The frequencies of Words

By Marsha Brethour-Posted June,30.2021

The spoken word carries a frequency and sound that creates and unlock pathways into deeper revelation of the person of YHWH.After all He is the living word and His word will not return to Him void.(Isa.55:11)If we are in Him and He is in us, we carry that sound to land and legislate His sound to each other,regions and nations.Words are powerful we see this clearly in Genesis when YHWH spoke the world into existence.It says Yeshua’s spoke and Lazarus came to life.(John 11:43-44)The word speaks about life and death in the tongue.(Prob.18:21) Oftentimes we do-not speak truth we speak from the place of our emotions,flawed perceptions and through patterns from our experiences.This will not give us a clear pattern of YHWH’s truth.When we speak it is diluted or contaminated with wrong teachings,precepts and experiences.It is only when we allow our minds to be renewed through the blood and the person of the spirit that we can truly see the fullness of what YHWH wants us to have and walk in.

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