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The Stillness in Knowing-Yada

The Stillness in Knowing

By Marsha Brethour

Stillness is a being that speaks from the place of the Beyt.Beyt my ascended dwelling place where I speak from as a mature son.Stillness activates trust to cause one to occupy rest in the innermost being of YHWHs womb in truth.The scripture Ps.46:10- Be still and know that I am God speaks not of inactivity but actually letting go of our ideas and man made ways to embrace YHWH truth and getting out of the way to see His knowing manifest within any given situation or matter.It says YHWH I trust you even when I don’t understand in the natural that you are good and you will turn all things out for the good because I am loved by you.We can see within the Hebraic way of thinking that knowing -Yada speaks to intimacy in relationship.In the word Yada we see the living letters Ayin,Dalet and Yod.This suggests that what I hook my eye into I will become,as a gateway/door into the everything the all spark of YHWH within creation. This suggest that if I focus on my face to face relationship through intimacy with YHWH He will show me the gateway into the fullness of who He is within creation, only then can I live out of Shalom in Him.It is here we can now engage with the being of stillness where there is the peace that pass all understanding.We can now hear and listen to the very whispers from the heart of YHWH in humility and trust which opens up the gateways into counsel and wisdom within our daily journeys in the midst of all chaos.After-all anxiety and fear is not our portion in facted,we are being given the invitation of courage to stand in confidence it is the knowing that YHWH is Lord over all.We as sons are standing in the centre of His being to become what we behold in true Echad.-Shalom.

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