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Shalom within Chaos

Posted July 14,2021

By Marsha Brethour

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases they are new every morning.Great is your faithfulness Oh Lord.(Lamentations 3:22-23)

I heard in the spirit days ago it is completed it is a finishing into a new beginning of something new that YHWH is trying to get to us as sons.Do not be anxious for nothing.I am dismantling strongholds and systems to build on a firm foundation in the coming moments.What seem chaotic and extreme is actually birthing a new morning.Release the frequencies of my Shalom within all the chaos.I believe Father wants us to sit in Rest(Shalom) regardless of what it may look like in the natural.Now Rest doesn’t mean inactivity in fact it is trusting YHWH despite what it looks like.It is standing from the position of heaven and coming into agreement with YHWH to birth clarity to navigate from the scrolls of a matter or situation not our own ideals based on emotions and perception.The word Shalom speaks to the authority of action in the midst of chaos within Rest.No matter our situation we are strengthen because we sit in the being of YHWH as sons and govern from that place of scared trust.

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