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Explosions of Frequencies

Posted July 29,2021

Explosions of Frequencies:

YHWH says,Get ready for the expansion and explosions within the kingdom about to appear.It will present itself differently than before. A fresh sound and frequencies being released to create and unlock doors within doors into the dimensions of the winds of change.Releasing the frequencies and vibrations of the kingdom from within into the now.Governmental precepts are being established within the codex to arc and connect in true Echad with YHWH and man.The kingdom of YHWH is at hand.YHWH’s breath establishing and releasing heavens heart within all creation.The canopy of creativity being released through frequencies and vibrations to arc and connect within our spirits to be entangled within the ultimate light YHWH.The quantum reality of being within YHWH (the all spark of creation)and Him in us as Son (the crowned humble princes walking in authority)-M.Brethour

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