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Do You See Me?

YHWH whispered Question

"Do you See Me?"

I have walked amongst you yet you did not recognize it was Me your beloved? I came in a form you did not recognize. I presented Myself in humility yet you never knew it was Me. I spoke to you in stillness yet you went away in your busyness. Many times I reached out to you but you continued on your way. I came to you clothed in obscurity and insignificance and you turned Me away. When will you truly see Me. In anger and misplaced ideals you have ridiculed Me. Time and time again I have sought you out but you only walked passed Me. Your expectation of what I may look like reflects your own flawed peculiarities. Yet because of love I am constantly knocking at your door of hope that one moment you will truly see Me.

It’s humbling to think that there are many moments that Yeshua Himself have walked amongst us and we are unaware.

In humility and love He is giving us an invitation to truly see Him..

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